How-To: Create A Hanging Succulent Sphere

Succulents are at great way to add excitement to your garden. You can do this in a number of ways, whether they are planted in ceramic pots, planters, wreaths or in the ground.

Instead of attempting the more common planting forms, you can opt for a modern-day take on the regular succulent sphere. This beautiful creation will be eye-catching and is sure to take centre stage in your courtyard or garden.

You can create succulent spheres in small, medium or large versions, depending on what size the hanging basket you choose to use.

What you will need:
– Two identical metal hanging baskets
– Succulent soil
– Metal chain
– Moss
– Variety of succulent plants
– Paper clips
– Cardboard
– Pencil

1. Remove chains from your two hanging baskets. Connect two wires firmly to the rims of both baskets. The wires should cross over in the middle.

2. Individually tie each succulent with a 20cm piece of wire, around the head of the plant. Secure firmly.

3. Place each plant into the basket; ensuring roots are touching the soil. Put into place by tiring the wire from the succulent across to the centre of the basket.

4. Cover succulent roots using moss, this will hold the plants in place. Then continue attaching the plants on and covering the roots.

5. When finished, fill baskets with soil or compost.

6. Put a piece of cardboard in-between the basket when assembling the two baskets together (to keep the moss and soil in place). Then slide the board out and tie the baskets together with wire.

7. Attach a chain and hang your sphere.

8. Once completed, suspend from a tree or pergola

Watering tip: To keep your succulent ball looking its best it will need to be watered once a week. You can water the intact ball using a hose, however, as the succulents grow and cover the circle, it will be hard for water to enter inside to the centre.

To ensure water reaches the centre, you can insert a plastic tube or hose into the top section. Then pour water gently into it, to saturate the inside of the ball.

The Process.

Give This A Go.